Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wedding Show, Edison NJ

Earlier this month I participated in a wedding show.  I wanted to use my manzanita branch trees, but do something a little more organic looking, and it was nice to just go into the flower market and pick what caught my eye...and what matched the mismatched table setting I had purchased to complete the look.   I also created the bridal bouquet that I envision going with this garden wedding affair.  Enjoy!


This was the smaller table centerpiece...The Bridal Show had up lighting and it was difficult trying to take pictures..the lights were changing from pink, to blue, to purple, to can see in the pictures below how it effected how the arrangement looks.

In this one it was blue...

In this one it was yellow...

I love looking for unique things and think at some point I'd love to do expand and have a prop shop to rent items out to brides from.  It would be a justifiable excuse for my yard sale/estate sale addiction.  I was at an estate sale the weekend before the show and picked up these intricate table clothes...I underlayed it with a yellow flower print that I picked up at a fabric store.

The bouquet was patience garden roses, craspedia, brunia, star of Bethlehem, fuchsia spray roses and lambs ear.  My next wedding is August 18th and there are birdcages, lamps,'s going to be beautiful!

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