Sunday, July 8, 2012

Snug Harbor Cultural Center

I must be honest....I was helping out my friend, Lilli, from Mimosa Floral Design here.  We met in the flower market over a year ago when we were both picking up orders for weddings, and we've keep in touch, discussing our weddings, what's the best way to do things, and so on.  She had booked this wedding and then found out her very good friend in Texas was getting married the very same day!  So she came to me for help.  She did all the leg work and I executed the designs for her the day of.

Lilli  knew exactly what the bride had planned on doing for centerpieces but the ideas for bouquets were not as clear.  The bride knew she wanted white calla's in a geometric pattern surrounded by a collar of delphinium, and that each bridesmaid would have a different color bouquet and that her groomsmen would have a matching bout.  (This idea always looks so great in pictures)  Lilli had general ideas of flowers for those but it was up to me to make the final decision.  When I picked up the delphinium I was on the fence on whether it would work.  The stems I got had only opened on the bottom....bottom line was that the top ones never opened and they looked so sad.  So I incorporated flowers from the rest of her bridesmaids to create the collar.

Bridesmaids Bouquets:  Purple sweet peas, Red Ranunculus, Green Roses, Orange Gerbera Daisies, Yellow Calla Lilies

Brides Bouquet:  A geometric arrangement of white callas, encircled by the flowers each of her bridesmaids carried.

Matching boutonnieres for the groomsmen, each was labeled to the color of their bridesmaids dress so they would know which was theirs...I think they still needed help though...the bridesmaids all had different dresses, and some of them changed the day of the wedding!  

The Snug Harbor Cultural Center is a beautiful old venue with tons of history.  The ceremony was in a hall where retired sailors used to bunk...a long room with a beautiful compass dome in the center.  The dial that showed which was the wind was blowing creaked when it moved, and the guard there told me it was to mimic the sound of a creaking ship to make the sailors feel more at home.

Isn't this a nice sentiment...

The reception room has amazingly high ceilings and these cute little out coves with benches around old fireplaces,  a perfect place for guests to mingle.  

The centerpieces before they were placed on the tables

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