Friday, September 16, 2011

Mac Attack!

I've been very upset with my when a trusted friend you can always rely on just turns their back on you. I went to open my iphoto and it said "No Photo's"....... HUH?! I have 13,000 photo's from my children and weddings. Where did they all go?

A while back I had some issues where my pics were taking up too much room on my hard drive so I bought an external hard drive. I moved all my originals of my photo's there...and they are still there......whew. They aren't all neatly organized and re sized like mac takes care of for me and because I use my good camera the images are huge, but they are there. I'm lucky, reading on line I found a bunch of people who really lost all their photo's from their Mac's hard drive. Ask my husband...I totally freaked out...the entire lives of my children (4 and 2) are on there!

So Mac, I've been shunning you...upset at how you freaked me out...and knowing that it will take a call to tech support to try to fix the problem. Avoidance has been my tactic. I need to move on though, and straighten this all out because until I do, I can't post any of my recent weddings. I have a wedding this weekend so it might be a week before I have time. Don't give up on wedding photo's are coming!