Friday, September 11, 2009

A very Pregnant me

It was seriously touch or go whether I was going to make it through the last two weddings.
For those of you who don't know, which is probably most of you...unless we've recently worked together...I've worked the past two weddings 9 months pregnant!

Here is a pic of me and my big belly, and my wonderful husband, at my Sept. 5th Wedding in the Poconos.  The bride was soooo nice and invited us to stay.  I am willing to travel for weddings up to 1 1/2 hrs away from my home base in Colonia, NJ and this was exactly that far.  You'll see in the post about the Wedding in the Poconos why it was totally worth it.

Of course it wasn't planned this way, being so rolly polly trying to get arrangements together, these are weddings that I had contracts signed for even before I was pregnant.  I did get lucky though that everything worked out.  And although I could have had a wedding booked every weekend in September, knowing I was pregnant at that point and due September 20th, I decided to make Sept. 5th my cut off.  My next wedding after the baby, a little girl, is born is October 10th...which was supposed to be the 17th, but was moved up a week.  No worries though, as always I take it one wedding at a time.  So if you were wondering why I disappear for while ( it looks like baby will be arriving early next week) now you know!

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