Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Wedding in the Poconos

A Breathtaking View

This was part two of the sister act, part 1 being the peacock wedding, and it has the most beautiful view and location.  Everything here was self contained from lodging, to bridal salon, to spa, to restaurant, to cafe, to ceremony, to didn't have to leave for a thing.  What a nice way to spend your wedding weekend with family and friends...and actually have some time to enjoy their company!

Here's a link to their site....Stroudsmoor Country Inn.    

It totally reminded me of the place outside of Yosemite where one of my best friends was was like we were all camping together for the weekend...just a little posher;)
Here's their link if you're ever headed out that way....The Evergreen Lodge

Joan and Sean, the bride and groom, were so generous in asking us to stay for the wedding.  Unfortunately it was down to the wire finishing the very involved, but in the end very cool, centerpieces and missed the ceremony.  I did sneak out later though to take some pictures before it got dark.

The Brides bouquet stayed towards the traditional in shape, nice and round, and was made up of Red Cherry Roses, and red and green Hypericum Berries.  In her toss bouquet the berries framed the roses.

If you've been keeping up with the blog you know that I am well into my 9th month of pregnancy and over did it about two weeks ago,  strained a ligament in my belly and was on bed rest for two days.  I had one day of feeling good, when I woke up on the Wednesday before this wedding with a pounding headache.  I never get headaches and I couldn't move without shooting pain in my head.  Turns out I had a fever...which kept creeping up to 101...which in pregnancy land means you need to go to the hospital.  Fortunately I was able to keep it down with Tylenol, but there was no way when Thursday morning came I could go into NYC to pick up my flower order.  

So my husband and my mother-in-law came to the rescue, he took off work and went to the flower district.  I needed to pick up a few things and he texted me and took pictures...I seriously am thankful everyday for him.  He even conditioned all the flowers for me and made sure everything that he could do was done.  

Friday I was feeling better and got more of the prep work done, but needless to say it was a rough weekend.  On Saturday (the day of the wedding) I woke up, no fever....but that night when we got home it shot up to 101.9...thankfully though again I took tylenol and it went back down.  

So back to the wedding.  The bridesmaids carried bouquets that had a little more of a wild look to them.

The boutonnieres, and corsages mirrored the bouquets.  

We had a boutonniere meltdown.  I've never had to fix so many broken boutonnieres as I did at this wedding.  I didn't see the groom/groomsmen before the ceremony so they were on their own putting the boutonnieres on.  And sometimes guys can be a little rough with the flowers, holding on to the head of the flower while trying to pin them on...which can break the stem.  I think in all I had to re-make 5 of the 11 boutonnieres.  Note to self...I should always pin on the bouts...or I need to find a way...maybe a toothpick up the give them some more support.  And I also need to label them better since some of the grandfathers and groomsmen were wearing the pin on corsages for the grandmothers.  Don't know if this happened because the guys took them after theirs broke or my instructions for who was to get what was lost along the way.  So another note to self...better labeling of the bouts/corsages.  

Pin on Corsage

Boutonniere for the groom and fathers

Boutonniere for the groomsmen, no leaves and no fancy curly cue at the bottom.

The centerpieces were the most involved that I've done to date.  There were 8 steps to putting these together....8!  And with 22 centerpieces it was down to the wire for me and my husband since we weren't permitted into the reception site until 12:30...and I knew we had hours of work ahead of us...I would have liked to get there and start working earlier, but everything worked out.  Here's what needed to be done.  

Step 1:  wiring the hanging candles (done before hand)
Step 2:  putting the river rocks in the vases and filling them with water (placing the rocks in the vases done before hand)
Step 3:  hot gluing the ring of flowers to the top of the vase
Step 4:  cutting and placing the branches in the vase (cutting was done before hand)
Step 5:  wiring the hanging votives onto branches 
Step 6:  wiring flowers on to branches
Step 7: placing the ivy on the branches
Step 8:  Placing them on the tables and putting lose moss and rose petals on the table

And here's how they came out...Dahlias, Roses, Green Hanging Amaranthus, and ivy were used to create the design.

And that's it until my next wedding on October 10th.  I've been spending my time preparing for baby girls arrival and enjoying this time with my almost 2 year old son.  Dr. says that she should be here within the week, so we are all very excited!  

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