Sunday, August 23, 2009

So here I am, sitting in Barnes and Nobles,  finalizing flower counts, reviewing upcoming weddings, reviewing old emails to make sure I haven't missed a thing.  (With a 21 month old running around at home it helps to go someplace where I can focus..and get double chocolate chip cookies ;)

 It has been a relaxing past two weekends with no weddings on my plate which has given me plenty of time to focus on the new brides I have been communicating with.  

And the focus is of course on keeping things within budget by using in season flowers.  
I've been speaking with a bride who is getting married on October 10, 2010.  She is going for a vintage feel and wants green (more towards sage) and white flowers.

Once we start to get into the fall months there are less and less local and domestically grown flowers.  But one of my favorite flowers comes into season, and it fits right in with a more romantic vintagy feel, Ranunculus.

I love Ranunculus....try doing a google image search on them in bouquets and centerpieces...they come in so many colors and if your are getting married in October they'll probably fit within your budget.  

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