Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Great Way to Save on Flowers...two weddings from May

I just never got around to posting the first of these two weddings on my website so finally after a few months here they are.

One of the most affordable arrangements you can chose for your wedding is submerged flowers.
You don't need many flowers and the water magnifies the flowers you do have.
When the light from the candles on the table hits the arrangement it's actually very elegant.

I've done this arrangement several times with dendrobium orchids, most recently for a wedding in May that I just never got around to adding to my website. 

This is the arrangement on my dining room table...

And at the reception before the tables were set.

The bride said she was getting compliments on them the entire night.  Pictures on my little canon elf though never seem to do them justice...maybe once my fancy camera  (I ordered it today!) gets here I can get some pictures that truly capture how nice this affordable arrangement looks.

Here are pictures of the arch decorations, bouquet and such from the same wedding.

The vine is called passion vine...it gets these really crazy purple flowers on it...I removed them for this wedding since the color was pink.  
The flowers were Peonies (in season mid-late April through mid June...otherwise they are crazy expensive), Ranunculus, and Roses.

The Boutonnieres and Corsages were made from white dendrobium orchids.

And the brides bouquet consisted of Peonies with XXL White Calla's

I've also submerged Gardenia's for a beach themed wedding. Those are starfish and shells in the bottom of the bowl.  

And here is how they would look at night

This wedding in on my website but I loved how the brides bouquet turned out so I'm posting it here too!

White Roses, Hydrangea, and Peonies

And a simple boutonniere of a white rose and seeded eucalyptus

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