Monday, January 21, 2013

Newark Club, Newark NJ

This wedding was Dec. 29th...and after the big wedding the weekend before, then Christmas....then prepping for this wedding....ahhhhh....that's how I felt when this was over.  It was a very busy two weeks!  The color scheme was red, purple, and platinum.  Everything went smoothly...except I forgot to ribbon one of the bridemaid's back I drove to the hotel.  I always bring the ribbon with me...just in case ;)

Bridal Bouquet: Picassa Calla's, Purple Sweet Peas, White and Purple anemone, and fiddlehead fern.

Bridesmaids Bouquets:  White Roses and Brunia

Boutonnieres:  Callas and brunia, and roses with brunia

Centerpieces of purple sweet peas, brunia, purple anemones and black magic roses

And the bride wanted centerpieces that were affordable, but would take up volume in the room.  So we went with babies breath, which mimicked the snow falling outside, dressed up with brunia and sweet peas...I didn't get the best pictures is off...need to take class to learn to use camera!

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Mallory Zipkin said...

love that first bouquet! great work tracey- Mallory