Monday, January 28, 2013

Great Gatsby Photo Shoot for Vainglorious Brides, I do...I do.... Morristown NJ

A few years ago a bride came to me to discuss wedding flowers, and while she ended up doing the arrangements on her own the experience...all of it, the planning, the arranging, the juggling, helped lead her to discover her passion.   Selina Howard was the bride and she in the midst of launching her wedding planning services catered directly to helping brides with any and all aspects of wedding planning, Vainglorious Brides.

To orchestrate her launch she organized a photo shoot at I do...I do... Bridal Salon in Morristown NJ.  This is not your run of the mill, store stuffed to the brim with dresses in plastic.  It's a elegant space with  room to breath and take in the beauty of the dresses without all the clutter.  I was so impressed with how organized and professional everything was, and that is most definitely due to Selina's talent and skill.

Selina asked me to create a bouquet and floral centerpiece for the shoot, all based on a Great Gatsby Wedding out English come the 1920's.  The glamour of the 20's (before it all crashed and burned!) makes it my favorite era for fashion and with the new movie I think there will be a resurgence in wedding glam....but with the elegant twist only the 20's could give.

These are just my little photos...

Bouquet: garden snow roses, patience garden roses, Sahara roses, white sweet pea, spray roses and very unique tulip with frayed edges.    I also included some estate jewelry that I've picked up on my Saturday morning trips to estate sales...I love estate sales!

The centerpieces also include anemone, and white nerine.

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Willis Quigg said...

As you can see here, girls want their wedding to be perfect. I can see that Selina, the bride on your blog, has proven to me that a little creativity can be used to help brides realize their dream wedding. It’s good that she’s helping out other brides in wedding planning. Does she have a blog for her wedding planning advice? I hope she has one so that I can read it and refer it to my partner so she can have the best wedding ever. :)

-- Willis Quigg