Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Palace at Somerset Park

Finally! My Mac is up and working again, my photos are all intact, and I can get back to posting the last of my weddings from 2011.

I literally lost blood for this wedding.

Right now I do all my work in a half finished basement. I've rigged some lighting to help me along, but it is still on the dark side over the sink. As I was cutting the flowers so they could condition..which is just a fancy way of saying putting them in water for at least 24 hrs before I start working with them..(and I will say I was rushing) I quickly snipped with the clippers.....and sliced off 1/2 of the pad of my pointer finger on my right hand (I know....cringe). Even now I'm not sure why that finger wasn't on the clippers. Before I brought my hand up out of the water I knew it was bad...It would have be funny I think if anyone was watching me..I was holding my finger wandering kind of spinning around trying to figure out what to do. The closest thing to me was a box of kleenex so I grabbed a bunch. Luckily as I was coming up the stairs my husband came home...we called his mom...who is a nurse, and she came over and fixed me up so I could keep working. That was 4 months ago...I have a shiny circle on the pad of my finger print there anymore...and it still hurts!
And I still made all the bouquets and such...just needed my husband to help me with the short centerpieces which were submerged roses strung on wire.

So the main focus of this wedding were black magic roses...they seriously are so rich they look like velvet. The brides bouquet had black magic roses and black calla lilies and the groom had a boutonniere of a single calla, black magic rose and steel grass. Pictured below with the bouquet is the mother's corsage.

The bridesmaids carried bouquets of black magic roses and the groomsmen had a single stem of black magic rose.

Jayd Gardina was the photographer for this wedding and I am dying to see the photo's she took! As soon as I have them I will post!

There were two types of centerpieces for the reception. And at our initial meeting as the bride was describing what she wanted I said "Like Beauty and the Beast?" and the answer was yes. So here is my take on the magic rose from beauty and the beast. I used a little trick to keep it submerged...otherwise it would just float to the top...the's called a pin frog.

I love this picture of them all lined up and ready to go...the staff was still fixing the table arrangements.

The short centerpieces were roses strung on wire, which was then wrapped around the inside of a 10in fishbowl vase.

More Weddings to come!

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