Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bobby Van's Vault NYC

Bobby Van's vault, which is downtown....way downtown, reminds me of a place that gangsters in the 1920's were hanging out plotting how to distribute their hootch...1920's speak for liquor. The wedding literally took place inside the vault.

The Bridal bouquet was made of lysianthus, hypericum berries, eucalyptus leaves, peach and pink roses, and Cafe au Lait Dahlias.

Pew bows were made of the same, with hydrangea added in.

There were two large centerpieces on either side of the alter...unfortunately the only picture I have is blurry!
The centerpiece above was simple with roses and hydrangea. See the safe deposit boxes this is inside the vault where the reception took place...

Cocktail hr centerpieces of roses and eucalyptus.

The next wedding, an Indian Wedding at the Wilshire Grand in West Orange..get ready for some color!

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