Monday, July 25, 2011

Englewood Women's Club, Englewood NJ

This was my second wedding at this site and the weather could not have been any more different. The last time I was here there was freshly fallen snow on the ground...just enough to stick to the trees and make gorgeous wedding photos for the bride. it was an almost 100 degree I said...can't get much different than that. This is the perfect place for a smaller wedding (80 ish people). The building has beautiful bones and doesn't have any of that wedding factory ugly carpet and wall paper. Plain walls, plain hardwood floors, beautiful can really make it what you want. Here's a link to their site: Englewood Women's Club.

I really enjoyed working with the bride. The cute pitchers for the centerpieces were something her and her mother came across and it really just set the whole relaxed country type theme for the wedding. The entire family was involved in this one with many little DIY projects going on here and there. The mother of the bride even made her necklace! Beautiful!
It was really nice to meet them and spend a little time with them on such a special occasion.

I used one of my favorite 'flowers'....'flowers' because they are a ball so most people might not consider them an actual flower. They are called craspedia, and they are the little yellow balls you'll see in the photographs below.

Bridal Bouquet; Delphinium, Yellow Roses, Craspedia, White Dahlia, Lace (yes this is the stuff that grows on the side of the road...although don't get any ideas...I did not pick these off the side of the road (could you imagine!) they were grown in a green house little buggies crawling on the ones on the side of the road...ok so I'll admit it..when I was little I used to pick them...from the side of the road).

Boutonnieres; I always have fun with these....


Wedding Ceremony Arch;

Next Wedding August 13, Rye NY.....I'm making my own 'mercury' glass vases for this one. I was attempting it today and will put up a post soon with pictures.

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JSM said...

Tracey, thanks so much. I loved it all. The arch took my breathe away and the centerpieces were so vibrant they really made the room come alive. The bouquet was stunning and I'm sad that all of it doesn't stay just the way it is forever!