Monday, July 25, 2011

DIY Mercury Glass!

For my next wedding mercury glass vases/stands would be perfect. So I literally spent months looking for something affordable...(it got to be so bad that I was afraid they would start recognizing me in Homegoods!) About a month ago I emailed the bride to let her know that I was having trouble finding what she had envisioned.....but she is a clever one and knowing I will undertake a DIY project she directed me to this site.

So I had the instructions...but finding this 'Looking Glass' spray was insane. I went to several stores and no luck...and when I tried to order it online from Sears the shipping charges were something like 50 bucks...for 3 little cans of spray paint!? So I figured I'd try it with 'Chrome'....yuck....a greyish mess, but I did see how it would work and that it would work. So encouraged, I finally ordered it from AC Moore and it came at the end of last week. Today I had a chance to try it out and I made my first Mercury glass. This didn't come out perfect...I took off too much paint in spots, but now I know how to do it....and knowing is half the battle....(really bad G.I. Joe reference...I have an older brother...I watched a lot of G.I Joe).

Here's how it came out.

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