Monday, June 6, 2011

East Hanover NJ

I have many more pics and some stories to post about doing this wedding, but have been having a bit of a battle with my Mac. I love my mac, but because I take so many high resolution photos (of flowers and my babies) I have jammed up my hard drive.

I bought a free standing hard drive (excuse my lack of technical names) and have transferred most of the pics over, but for some reason am very afraid to delete them off my the pictures from this wedding are still on my camera, because my hardrive is bloated with mostly of my children..since I did take the plung and delete the weddings off my Mac... And knowing how untechnical I am my very technical husband is reluctant to trust my copy and transfer he is also requesting that I do not yet delete any of the pictures of when the kiddies were born, took their first steps and such...totally understandable.
But I recieved a very nice email with pics from the bride from her photographer. So here is the shout out to the photographer,
Jeff Tisman Photography and his work. I will promise to get my photos up soon!

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