Monday, April 26, 2010

A Wedding at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Volcano, Volcano...have you heard about the volcano that erupted in Iceland?....and what it has done to flower shipments coming from Europe. When it first happened I thought, I still have a week until the wedding....things should clear up by then. Well, they didn't and it was questionable whether I would be able to get the peonies (for the Brides bouquet!) and the tulips (for the bridesmaids) that I ordered. And I was freaking out...just a bit.

Fortunately tulips are in season here....perfect my supplier was able get them for the bridesmaids. problem solved.

But the brides supplier wasn't sure they'd be able to get the light pink peonies I ordered...and thought she could maybe...maybe.... get the white with the fuchsia swirls. So with sweaty palms I called my bride to inform her of the situation. My bride was sympathetic, but I knew she would be crushed if she didn't have her peony bouquet. All I could do was hope my supplier could get some color of pink peony...or that I would be able to find something at one of the other suppliers in the flower district.

I was in the city early at 7am, and the peonies weren't there....but might be in the shipment coming in at 10am. After I checked the rest of my order I decided to look across the street....and low and behold they had one box of pink peonies...brighter than what the bride had originally wanted, but better than nothing. Sigh...relief. And she absolutely loved, loved, loved her bouquet.

This is my friend Amy...She is starting her own flower business in Philadelphia called Leaves of Grass Floral Design...she was a huge help!

Thank goodness it all worked out....I had been looking forward to this wedding because it was an April Wedding at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, when all the cherry blossoms would be blooming. And that was my brides inspiration for the centerpieces, fluffy and pink.

Half of the centerpieces were tall and as you can see made with carnations...they get a bad rap, but can still be beautiful and elegant.

And the other half low...

The card table had an arrangement of cherry blossom branches with hanging votives...which had battery operated candles so as not to have a burning tree.

And the boutonnieres

Can you see how amazing the atrium is where the reception was held? Here is a picture from across the gardens.

The ceremony location was absolutely incredible and she had the most amazing weather. When the wind blew it rained petals, I am sure the pictures are going to be amazing.

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