Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Great Idea for Your Centerpieces After Their Work is Done

This coming Friday is my first wedding of the season and the bride has a wonderful idea for her centerpieces after they have done their job setting the atmosphere at her wedding.....she is donating them.

The organization is called Flower Power. They take flowers and give them a second life after their original purpose is fufilled by picking them up from the venue and then delivering them to the elderly, sick, and terminally ill. Five years ago, this September, I lost my mother to cancer. She always had the most beautiful blue hydrangea plants and while she was home, under the care of hospice, we would cut some for her. Even though she was very weak, she made it known that she wanted them right in her line of site, not on the nightstand. And knowing that those flowers brought her some joy and peace made it a little easier to get through a very difficult time.

So if you have arrangements that maybe are too bulky for guests to take home, or you would like them to go to those who need a little lift in their day them visit the Flower Power website to learn more.

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