Monday, September 23, 2013


September has been a busy month and every bride had amazing my book it's the best month to get married!  I had 4 weddings and a my little Kenzie girl turned four.  In the same weekend I had a wedding on Friday and a Hello Kitty Party on Sunday!  No wedding this weekend, but I am doing two wedding shows  ( I'll post details later today).

 A few things to update you on....I finally got a new computer so it's taking me a little time to set it up, organize things, get it to recognize my external hard drive so I can post my pictures from these past weddings.  (I plan to spend tomorrow morning on the phone with Apple Care)   I'm in the process of updating my website and blog and will be transitioning to a new name, Tracey Reynolds Floral focus will still be weddings but it was pointed out to me more than a few times that my name could indicate that all I do is bouquets...which is sooo not true!  So I've decided why not use my name.  I'll let you know where to find me once I do!  I love the weddings I did for September and I should have them up by the weekend!

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