Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wedding Show Maritime Park, Jersey City

I've decided I like doing wedding shows, this being my second.  There is a great deal of pressure doing wedding flowers...really, it's a pretty important day.  If the flowers aren't right most brides would be pretty upset.  So I work hard to fulfill the vision that the bride and I have created.  At a wedding show I feel like a contestant on Project Runway.  I've just won immunity for the next week and I can do something a little different without having to worry about getting the auf wiedersehen from Heidi!

 And when coming up with the design for my table I already had a starting point.  In two weeks I have a wedding that I am creating a centerpiece with succulents (which I am way obsessed with right now), flowers, and driftwood in a cylinder vase.  I was testing out the centerpiece...figuring out construction and such...and then it grew from there.  Maybe I went a little crazy, but I love how the table and all the elements turned out.

I used mainly, sedum, dahlias, succulents, brunia, spray roses, roses, dusty miller, and seeded eucalyptus in these designs.

I kept fighting with this ribbon...I have glue that will hold it..but we are in the midst of the final stages of the basement redo and my supplies are packed...every event I've done this summer I have to dig through the boxes to find what I need.  I just didn't have the time to find the glue so I used double sided tape...which obviously does not work!

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