Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bound Brook NJ

For this wedding I only created designs for the bridal party and the church. I say only because this was a Filipino wedding. Since my husband is Filipino I was already familiar with the roles of the coin bearers, the I wasn't totally clueless! I think when it was all said and done there were 29 people involved in the ceremony and each of them had either a bouquet, boutonniere, corsage, or pomander (that's the little ball you'll see flower girls carrying).
I can't believe I didn't take pictures of any of the bouts or corsages! I wanted to get out of the house by the 2:30 deadline I had set for myself and I just didn't have time. It was a good thing too that I left when I did. The bride was about 1/2 hr from me at a hotel right by 287, in the territory of my Alma mater Rutgers, and something major was going on because the traffic was crazy. I could see the hotel and it still took me 20min to get to it! On my way home from setting up at the church I took 287 south for about 7 miles. For the entire time 287 north was just crawling along....That is my worst nightmare....that I don't make it to a wedding because of some freak accident....thank goodness the bridesmaids and bride helped me get to the church and avoid going on 287!

The bride wanted a fresh, lush look. The colors were ivory and green and I was able to use a funky fun 'flower' called a dianthus ball. It actually looks like you dug up a little piece of lawn! The bridesmaids were in a nice pale yellow dress and their bouquets were green with a bit of ivory. I used dianthus balls, ivory roses, supergreen roses, green hypericum berries, mini green chrysanthemums.

The Jr. Bridesmaids had bouquets of ivory roses and dianthus balls to mirror the bride.

The bride wore ivory and her bouquet was ivory with a touch of green. You'll see ivory roses, dendrobium orchids, ivory calla lilies, and green dianthus balls...a very fresh look.

The four little flower girls held pomanders of green carnations and dianthus balls. So vibrant!

I created two arrangements for the alter of white hydrangea, green hypericum berries, stems of dendrobium orchids, hanging green amaranthus, dianthus balls and branches. In the first picture the arrangement is missing the branches and dendrobium orchids, those were put in at the church to make it easier to transport. The pew bows were white hydrangea, supergreen roses and dianthus balls.

My next wedding is Sept. 10th which seems to be a popular wedding date this year. I had no less than 5 brides contact me for this date....crazy! It's going to be all a good way!

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