Saturday, February 19, 2011

Something I've wanted to make.....

I had the chance to create an arrangement for Debbie Page, owner of Simply Creative Weddings, for her table at the Mercer County Chamber of Commerce Bridal Show.

I knew exactly what I wanted to try.... a manzanita branch centerpiece. The branches are expensive so most brides opt to use curly willow branches instead. So while I had the idea in my head it wasn't until yesterday that I actually tried it out.

I had the branch shipped to me about a month ago....and realized that whether I buy it from suppliers in NYC or order it online the price is the same. This one was $65. Last week I finally found a suitable Marshalls for $7.99..holla! And yesterday I bought the plaster of paris and the roses on a trip into NYC to buy some supplies for my wedding next week. I was really pleased with how easy this was to make and how amazing the results were. I hope Debbie's table attracts a lot of attention!

My little boy is increasingly becoming my 'helper' when I do weddings. He now follows me down into the basement promising to be a good boy "I will listen, Mommy" he says from the top of the stairs to get my permission to come down. He then sweeps up stems, plays with the marbles I have for the bottom of vases, plays in the double sink, and my favorite...uses my battery operated tea lights as 'rocket ships'. Today he was 'helping' me take pictures, by laughing hysterically while running in front of the camera every time I tried to take a picture of the centerpiece...

And a cute little story about my 'helper'. To set the scene about a week before this story happened he came with me to get my flu shot...I wanted him to see so he wouldn't be so scared when he got his.
So....a few weddings ago he was watching me put the pins down the ribbon on the handle of a bouquet. As I put the pins in he gets really close to the flowers and starts whispering...."is ok flu-er, is ok" seriously....he is so cute it makes me cry.

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