Sunday, November 1, 2009

Flowers Uncut

A Reality show about florists?!

I'm sure that many to be brides and floral designers will be tuning in this week to TLC for the premiere episode of "Flowers Uncut", with Jeff Leatham.  I know I will be.  It seems that I am more wedding obsessed now than I was when I planned my own wedding! (I can't get enough of "Say Yes to the Dress"!)

Who is Jeff can click on the link above to see his flowery resume, but he has a pretty crazy clientele list, he did the flowers for Eva Longoria's wedding and designs for the Dali Lama  (hmmm those two people in the same sentence doesn't really jive does it?!).  In the teaser he says that you learn something new with each true.  Every wedding I do I learn something that will help me to be more efficient or help me learn something new about floral design and how best to work with certain flowers.  I'm looking forward to being inspired.  Maybe you'll even get some ideas for your own wedding!   Happy viewing!  

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