Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm Back!

So...what can I say.  I am surviving and getting by after the birth of my second child.  It's actually been much much easier than I thought...not that it's easy...just easier.  My first had colic and did nothing but cry for the first 3 1/2 months...thought I was going to jump off a bridge...really.  It is crazy how sleep depravation will make you...eh...crazy.  Well just when I thought I couldn't take anymore my stinker started sleeping through the night and we haven't looked back..he's almost two now...and as we speak trying to help me write this post.  

This past weekend I had my first wedding after baby.  

The Bride, doing things on a budget (who isn't!),  decided to go with a non-floral centerpiece.  So I created the flowers for only the ceremony.  It was the brides idea to have the bridesmaids carry a single XXL Calla.  Beautifully simplistic.   I used these last year for an October wedding, but ran into some trouble this time around.  The nice, big, domestic, Calla's I expected to use are a little late this year, so I had to rely on the Columbian grown ones...which are narrow.  I searched and picked through flowers to find the most open blooms and happily I was successful.

(above....my husband...who feels very manly when I ask him to model bouquets)

The boutonnieres mirrored this simplicity using mini calla's.  I left the stems long, I think it looks elegant but, I can't take credit for the idea....I saw it on the wedding episode of Nip Tuck and have been dying to mimic the design for a wedding.

The colors were white, red, and purple...and the bride, who runs her own dance studio and is a creative person, wanted something funky, but structured for her bouquet using roses and XXL Calla's.  And I actually found some that were dyed the perfect shade of purple.  

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